Kids Need to Get Outside!

There is so much to see outside!  Not only is being outside and away from the screens a good break, but it’s educational, too!

A walk in a park is refreshing, and such a great opportunity for kids to learn about birds and other creatures, as well as plant life and the circle of life.  Watching raptors fishing in the lake is exciting, and it also gives kids an opportunity to learn about how animals survive in the wild. Eagles often tussle with each other as they try to take away fish that someone else caught.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes another Eagle swoops in and takes the fish while the first ones continue to tussle.  Kids have a great time watching the antics.  And they also learn a lot about animal behavior.

Being outside opens up all kinds of new ways for kids to develop new skills. Birding is fun.  Learning to identify the different kids of birds is not only educational, it’s a really great way for kids to begin to look forward to getting outside and finding birds they haven’t seen before.  Friends of Barr Lake and Barr Lake State Park host a Birders Club for kids ages 6-15, an exciting way for kids to start building their lifetime bird list! And they can start by checking off bird on the Barr Lake State Park Bird Checklist.

Another skill is photography.  Taking and sharing photos of wildlife helps kids relive their experiences and tell other kids about how much fun it is to be outside.  Getting that great picture is much more rewarding than playing video games. The photo below was taken by a 7-year-old junior volunteer at Barr Lake.  They just have to be at the right place at the right time.

Barr Lake--Eagle and Eagles Nest and Rocky Mountains
Barr Lake–Eagle and Eagles Nest and Rocky Mountains

Next time you are sitting at home, watching TV or playing a video game, think about putting away the screens and taking a walk on the wild side!

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