Goals for 2016

goals for 2016 graphic

Every year the Friends of Barr Lake puts forth a list of goals to strive for in hopes of improving the park and the visitors’ enjoyment of it. This year’s list can be described as ambitious, but the Board is determined and enthusiastic.

1. Fill all board vacancies, develop duties of board positions, develop orientation for new board members.  Establish necessary subcommittees as needed.

2. Increase membership to 50 members.  Pursue individual and corporate memberships.  Actively recruit at events sponsored by Barr Lake State Park or events where FOBL has representation.

3. Obtain approval of MOU between FOBL and Barr Lake State Park

4. Host at least three fund raising events in 2016.  (Raptor Run, Concert on the Prairie, Harvest Fest)

5. Continue to obtain grants to support projects as agreed to between Friends of Barr Lake and the Park Manager of Barr Lake State Park.  Proposed projects for 2016 are:  raise  $25,000 of matching money for the construction an ADA accessible fishing pier, the second phase of construction of the trail at Bergman Barn and installation of a camera to monitor the bald eagle (eagle cam).

6. Support the volunteer program at Barr Lake to include training and recognition.

7. Publish a Heron Newsletter for Friends members quarterly.

8. Attend a statewide Friends group meeting.

9. Engage members of Friends of Barr Lake in FOBL sponsored activities.

10. Hold two Friends members only events—a dinner and an educational program

11. Obtain grants to provide transportation scholarship funds to underserved school districts.

12. Define purpose and content of Friends of Barr Lake web site.