School Field Trip Transportation Scholarship Fund


This program, offered by the Friends of Barr Lake and the Brighton Legacy Foundation,  is designed to help economically disadvantaged schools within the 27J school district by paying the transportation cost (in part or in full) for travel to Barr Lake State Park. We wish to increase the number of field trips, helping to expand our children’s understanding and appreciation of nature and wildlife while allowing them to experience the beauty of being outdoors.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship grant, your school must have 65% participation in National School Lunch Program. To see if your school qualifies as economically disadvantaged, please click here.

The request for reimbursement is initiated by completing a form on the Friends of Barr Lake website, and after the trip, arranging to send proof of invoicing and related documents to the Friends.

The funding covers the cost of retaining the bus and paying for fuel, up to $150 per trip. The school must be located within 27J and is responsible for all arrangements for the outing, including arranging for transportation to and from the Barr Lake State Park and coordinating the field trip activities with the Barr Lake Nature Center. The reservation with the park must be arranged and confirmed with park staff before applying for transportation reimbursement.  Friends of Barr Lake will not participate in setting up the visit.

To fill out an application, please click here.

For the full brochure from Friends of Barr Lake, click here.

For Barr Lake’s brochure about their field trip programs and the academic standards/grade level equivalency, click here.



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