Barr Lake Beauty!

No matter what time of year, there is always something exciting to see at Barr Lake State Park.


3 Comments on “Barr Lake Beauty!

    • Honestly, we’re not sure who the older photos were taken by back when… The newer photos were taken by yours truly, and I’m not worried about the credit. Now, I must tell you, I have moved away from this amazing park (which breaks my heart), so any new photos will need to be taken by someone else, although I do have quite a few that I can add from time to time. As other people take photos and we add them to this page, they will be given credit, if they so desire–not everyone wants that. There are a few throughout the site that have been posted with credit, but I honestly cannot remember what pages they are on. When the photos are taken at events by park personnel or Friends members those are not credited, unless they ask. We appreciate your concern about this. Rest assured, credit is given when due and wanted.


    • Hi Irvin,

      If you click on the photos you can see they come up with the Copyright of Carol M Delynko who is a Barr Lake State Park volunteer who took all of those photos. I have asked her to make her photo credit more clear in the future. Thanks for you question.


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