Track Chairs

Action Trackchairs

The Friends of Barr Lake raised funds to purchase 2 track chairs for the use at Barr Lake State Park.

FOBL is continuing their support in 2023 by raising funds to purchase a trailer to transport these chairs around the park, or to other venues.

Track-Chair Program mission is to provide accessibility for a high quality and sustainable recreational opportunity to the men, women, and children of the beautiful state of Colorado, and beyond, while preserving and protecting the natural resources within Barr Lake State Park. The chairs can be reserved by emailing

The Action Trackchairs® have been designed with simplicity of operation and stability for safety. All participants will submit a questionnaire with their abilities and special needs before the hike. A trained Barr Lake volunteer will demonstrate the use of the track chair. Then it’s off to hike! A park volunteer will also be on the hike and will have the ability to control the chair with an attendant control should the need arise.

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