Springtime is Baby Time at Barr Lake

Friends of Barr Lake is proud to support the education, recreation, and conservation efforts of Barr Lake State Park.  These activities help to maintain an environment where wildlife thrives throughout the park.  Spring is a wonderful time to visit the park.  You might see Mule Deer fawns, or Goslings, and maybe even an Owlet!  Of course, there are Bald Eagles and Ospreys nesting at the park, too!  Make a plan to spend a few hours walking the perimeter trail to see if you can find some special treasures.  Take a few detours on the small trails (like the Fox Meadows Trail) and you might just see something you don’t see anywhere else.  Walk out on the boardwalk to the gazebo and take a good look at the Bald Eagle nest.  You might get to see the Eaglets being fed!

Below are a few photos taken at various times over the past few years.  They are wonderful memories!


Friends of Barr Lake Makes A Difference

Boardwalk and Gazebo

Over the years, Friends of Barr Lake has contributed funds and manpower for various projects at Barr Lake State Park.  Many of the projects they work on are not readily seen by the public…things like helping to maintain trails, and keeping the Nature Center clean and beautiful.  Friends also works with local artists to sell their goods, contributing a portion to the Friends.

Friends helped to renovate the Bald Eagle boardwalk and gazebo in 2013 after storms blew trees over the structures, tearing out part of the boardwalk.

ADA Accessible Fishing Pier at Barr Lake State Park

We have contributed to the construction of the new ADA accessible fishing pier near the boat ramp.  This is set to open in the Spring/Summer of 2019.



None of the Friends board members receive compensation of any kind.  All donations raised go directly to support the education, recreation, and conservation programs at Barr Lake State Park.  Friends supplies snacks, crafts, and manpower for most events.  They are involved in almost every happening at the park.

This is truly a great organization to be a part of.  Consider joining our Friends family and help us help Barr Lake State Park.


Everything is Beautiful!

As Spring roars in like a lion with blizzards (the weather people call them bomb cyclones), more and more birds are beginning to migrate through Colorado.  Ice has melted from the lakes, and waterfowl are returning–some on their way to other locations, and some to stay.  Bald Eagles and Great Horned Owls already have their babies.  Other animals are coming out of the trees to enjoy the sunshine. Being outside is really rewarding this time of year! Sunsets are just as beautiful as always.  Colorado beautiful!

Bald Eagle Intimidation

As the sun was setting, a juvenile Bald Eagle was eating something in a tree across the meadow. Before long, a mature Eagle came to make a challenge. It circled the tree and then landed at the top. Next came a couple of good screeches, and then a stare-down. It worked. The Juvi left pretty quickly. The victorious adult watched it go.

The New Fishing Pier Will Be Beautiful!

The new ADA accessible fishing pier construction is coming along nicely at Barr Lake State Park.  It’s going to be beautiful when it’s finished.  And the views can’t be beat!

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