Slow-Mo Birds

This is a video of birds in slow motion. The Planet Slow Mo guys visited a bird sanctuary in Shawnee, OK to film large and small birds in super slow motion. It’s amazing! They have other slow motion videos of lots of interesting things, including how fast a Hummingbird can flap. So much fun to watch, and so educational! Great videos to watch with the kids!

Bald Eagle Festival: Adopt An Eagle Fundraiser

Getting ready to adopt out some eagle!

The Friends of Barr Lake State Park completed another great fundraiser during the Bald Eagle Festival on February 1, 2020. We adopted out all 58 stuffed toy Bald Eagles! Along with the adoption of a stuffed toy Bald Eagle, adopters got an adoption certificate and four times a year we will be sending them post cards with Eagle facts! Thank you to everyone who participated in this FUNdraiser!!

Our friend adopting an Eagle to go along with the Owl she adopted last year at the Fall Birding Festival


Barr Lake is a Haven for 100+ Bald Eagles

Adult Bald Eagle Screeching

This year there have been over 100 Bald Eagles counted Barr Lake in just one day. Take a look at this article and video from local news in Denver.  Park Manager, Michelle Seubert talks about the regal Bald Eagles that visit Barr Lake State Park every year.

Very Cooperative Bald Eagle Posing for Photos

Anyone who has ever seen these majestic raptors knows how beautiful they are. People who visit Barr Lake get to see them up close and personal as they fly over the lake and dip down with ease to catch a fish. There is no shortage of their favorite food, and that is a big draw for the Eagles.  If you are lucky and visit the park at the right time, you can see them fishing and vying with other Eagles to keep their catch.  Many times, little skirmishes happen, and only one lucky bird will take the fish into the tall Cottonwood trees to feast on their catch.

Anyone who wants to see these amazing birds and watch them fly and feed needs to take a walk at Barr Lake and enjoy the peace, quiet and excitement of this special place!

Barr Lake is also host to many other birds–both migratory and permanent residents.  You can download a Barr Lake Bird Checklist to see the amazing variety.

Bald Eagle Soaring Over the Lake with Long's Peak in the Background
Bald Eagle Soaring Over the Lake with Long’s Peak in the Background

New Hay Rack Trailer for Barr Lake Events!

We are super excited to announce that we have purchased a hay rack trailer we can use for events at Barr Lake State Park! We are proud to be able to provide new equipment and supplies for our beloved Barr Lake! Thank you Carriages of Colorado for your help too! Look for new and enhanced programs with our NEW hay rack trailer! We already have members volunteering to pull the trailer during the Eagle Festival!  We’ll see if we can incorporate that into our festivities that day!

Friends = Fun!

BarrLake (1 of 1)-3Friends of Barr Lake has tons of fun planned for the next few weeks.  The 8th Annual Bald Eagle Festival is coming up on February 1st at Barr Lake State Park.  In the past weeks, 70-80 Bald Eagles have been spotted in the park, so the Eagle Festival should give visitors a great opportunity to see these magnificent raptors in action!

Toddlers age 3-5 years (accompanied by an adult) will be treated to a special Toddler Story Time about The Red Fox in the Nature Center on February 6th at 10 a.m. Not only do they get to hear the story, but they will make a nature-related craft and enjoy a snack!

cropped-photos-1-of-1-177.jpgWe will join Barr Lake in hosting a New Volunteer Open House on February 8th at 10 a.m.. We want to encourage members of the community to learn about Barr Lake and the types of volunteer opportunities they can choose to participate in. It’s a great time for everyone to find a way to give back to our community!

Great Horned Owl at Barr Lake State Park

Also on February 8th, Kids, ages 4-8, can celebrate the heart of the season at Barr Lake during our Love is in the Air program. Bald eagles and great horned owls are the early birds of the nesting season.  Learn about the unique courtship and nesting habits of these fantastic birds. Get a warm and fuzzy feeling with a related story, craft, and short walk. Program designed for kids, ages 4-8 years old.

Febrewary 24th from 6-9 p.m. is out annual Birds and Brews event at the Copper Rail in Brighton. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids under 12 as a suggested donation to the Friends of Barr Lake. Tickets include appetizers! Beers and Entrees are extra.


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