Sensory Garden

Working on The Sensory Garden

Friends of Barr Lake and the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies are working jointly to build a sensory garden in the grove just west of the Old Stone House at Barr Lake State Park. The funds for the sensory garden were provided through a Legacy Grant awarded to us by City of Brighton.

The sensory garden will engage four or five of visitors’ senses, minus taste. The garden consists of a wheelchair accessible path through the grove. There are two flower boxes which are accessible by wheelchair that will have plants that allow visitors to engage their sense of sight (colorful plants), sense of smell (fragrant plants), and sense of touch (plants that are safe to be touched). Further along the path will be places for visitors to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature, wind blowing through the trees, and wind chimes. There will also be appropriate signage. The intent of the garden is to accommodate people with disabilities. The planters are low enough for visitors in wheelchairs to reach in, touch, and smell the plants. The areas for listening will have a bench and tree stumps for visitors to sit on, relax, and enjoy the sounds around them. In addition to the sounds of nature, and the wind chimes, the sounds of the outside world including the railroad and highway will also be heard.

The materials and labor for the flower boxes were donated by an Eagle Scout, Ryan Pelster. Planting soil, river rock for the base and weed barrier material were donated by Richardo Bejarano, a local landscaper. Wind chime was donated by Ron Burge (Friends of Barr Lake board member).

We are excited to work on this project with the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies and think it will be a great addition to Barr Lake State Park, that will be inclusive for many different types of visitors!

Fall Birding Festival

Come out and join Ranger Michelle and entire Barr Lake State Park staff and volunteers for the 20th Annual Fall Birding Festival.

Join us on September 8th for the Fall Birding Festival from 7am-1pm!

Barr Lake State Park: Fall Birding Festival from Samantha McKinney on Vimeo.

Lake Appreciation Day

We had so many wonderful volunteers that came out to help us on Lake Appreciation Day! All volunteers either wore masks or social distanced while helping to keep Barr Lake State Park the incredible oasis that it is for the community and wildlife! We thank everyone for their help!

Slow-Mo Birds

This is a video of birds in slow motion. The Planet Slow Mo guys visited a bird sanctuary in Shawnee, OK to film large and small birds in super slow motion. It’s amazing! They have other slow motion videos of lots of interesting things, including how fast a Hummingbird can flap. So much fun to watch, and so educational! Great videos to watch with the kids!

Bald Eagle Festival: Adopt An Eagle Fundraiser

Getting ready to adopt out some eagle!

The Friends of Barr Lake State Park completed another great fundraiser during the Bald Eagle Festival on February 1, 2020. We adopted out all 58 stuffed toy Bald Eagles! Along with the adoption of a stuffed toy Bald Eagle, adopters got an adoption certificate and four times a year we will be sending them post cards with Eagle facts! Thank you to everyone who participated in this FUNdraiser!!

Our friend adopting an Eagle to go along with the Owl she adopted last year at the Fall Birding Festival


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